Sunday, 13 September 2009

Yesterday I went on a bike ride after work with a friend from work who's leaving to university. I haven't been on a bike ride in so long and i had a wonderful time! we went strawberry picking on the PYO farm although most of them were out of season.We also ate a few along the way... then we headed of to a lake with an island and some ducks and geese which Sam terrorised on his bike. Afterwards, it was off to the pub for some cider and chips. we chatted on the swings in a park I haven't visited since I was seven, which brought back so many memories of being a little girl and getting lost in the woods nearby. My chain came off when I cycled over a big tree root so we had to walk all the way home. It was a fun few hours and lovely to enjoy the few, but glorious, summer days that the British must come to expect.

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