Tuesday, 5 August 2008

I Capture the Castle Film Stills

I Capture the Castle

I'm feeling inspired by this film at the moment!

Perhaps it's the rainy weather or the British Summer

I Capture the Castle is a story about Cassandra, who lives in a castle with her eccentric family, and the heartache that prevails when two rich Americans arrive at the castle. I have yet to read the book by Dodie Smith.

I love the 30's style in this film.

The knits and shift dresses with mary-janes and white stockings
And the permanent waves!

The film has a gorgeous palette of deep greens and blues, pale browns and greys

I particularly like Cassandras dress on Midsummer's Eve and the way Rose has layered on a cardigan and kimono dressng gown over her shift to keep warm

I'm almost longing for Autumn!

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