Thursday, 13 November 2008


The computers been messing around and I've lost all of my inspiration pictures since June! :( I also cannot get on the internet and am writing this whilst babysitting. Last night i watched a horrifying documentary about children in Nigeria accused of witchcraft. it was truly shocking and sickening to think that humans are capable inflicting such abuse against innocent children and babies. It was horrid to watch but i think people should see it. and be compelled to do something things like this often put your life into perspective i spoke to my philosophy class about how guilty i felt at complaining about such small things and feeling helpless to make change Ruth said we shouldn't feel guilty but grateful and quoted Band Aid! 'Thank God its them instead of you' sometimes i feel even more helpless as a teenager what can i do to prevent these things happening well evil things will always happen but oh gosh im rambling just googled stepping stones nigeria see here

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