Thursday, 20 November 2008

Mighty Boosh Live!

Saw the Boosh last night at the BIC! They were awesome! Only 2 rows away from the front! My sides hurt and my face ached the entire evening! They mucked up a few times which made it even funnier! When noel was Tony Harrison he slipped down into the chair and couldn't get back up and Julian fluffed his lines a bit! Christchurch and Southbourne got a shout out from Howard the Geography teacher They got the audience involved and there was even a dance class from Bob Fossil! A few people were dressed up, such as Bollo, Howard, Vince, Mr Suzan, Old Gregg, The Hitcher, Spirit of Jazz, Future Sailors etc. I went alone as none of my friends like it. I got talking to a couple next door to me who had come all the way from Folkstone to see them and were staying in Weymouth! They even offered me some crazy jelly beans! I got a black pepper one which was funny! I bought a programme which came with wax crayons, those rub-on tattoos you got when you were a kid and stickers! They were brilliant and I'd definitely see them again!

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