Friday, 12 December 2008

Pigeon Detectives!

Went alone on Tuesday night and it was amazing! The Virgins were could, not as good as I'd hoped but still good Pigeon Detectives were AMAZING! they really gave it their all I was at the very front and have bruised ribs but it was worth it And the girl I was stood next to got their set list which Matt gave to her Her name's Tannaz who i met there She was on her own too We might start going to gigs together which'll be good! She just moved from Glasgow Red Light Company played first who i didn't really like Then it was The Virgins I heard the girl next to me say they've drawn on the drum kit in pen they're gonna be good! oh no and they're gonna do acoustic too Well I thought they were great! And she danced so I'm hoping she changed her mind Rich girls was brilliant and I sang loudly even though no one else was! The singer's trousers were falling down and mid song they fell down completely which was hilarious They really gave a good performance, danced and looked like they enjoyed playing Then it was the Pigeon Detectives who were brilliant! I'd forgotten they'd had so many hits and it was brilliant to hear the crowd shouting along! Matt went into the crowd much to the security guards delight! 'It's like a posh Blackpool where you don't get mugged'

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