Tuesday, 30 June 2009


You know the British Summer has arrived when Glastonbury and Wimbledon begin. So it was time to dig out the wellies and eat strawberries and cream whilst the summer opened with thunderstorms and a heatwave. I watched it over the weekend! Did you? It looked brilliant this year with the return of Blur, The Specials and Madness(who I went to see aged nine. My first ever gig!) I watched Jamie T who gives so much energy into the performance, as do Florence and the Machine who I'm seeing in September with Cindy! I was sure Florence was going to fall to her death when she climbed the rigging in her six-inch heels! I had lots of fun jumping around at 10 at night to their performances. I got Jamie T's Sticks 'n' Stones EP in the post yesterday. So good and I can't wait for the album to come out. I was almost late to work after watching The Virgins, who's performance was improved significantly since I saw them. I watched Bloc Party too but they played a lot of tracks that I didn't know from their new album. Not so keen on the recent releases. Can't wait to go to a festival next year!

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cheshirecat said...

oh wow, im so jealous, id love to hear more! did you see madness? or blur? how were blur? the many questions

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