Sunday, 5 July 2009

My Birthday and Gaunts House

Six formers went on a course at Gaunts House, a beautiful country mansion in Wimborne, which seemed to be in the middle of nowhere although it is a ten minute drive to the bustling town. It is a heavenly and blissful place. My favourite room reminded me of a modest Versailles. There were portraits of Jane Austen-esque Lords and Ladies and a mural of kissing swallows swooping in the blue sky had a circular ornately carved border. The curtains were a pale blue, silver and gold and two huge gold rococo mirrors were at either end, a glass house attached to the side. The Breakthrough course aims to improve confidence and helps you to achieve your aims in life through studying how you view yourself, the ways in which you approach tasks and speak to and about yourself. At first I thought the course was wishy-washy and full of psychobabble but tried to look at it open mindedly and took each task with a fresh outlook. And by the end I think it was a really effective and useful course which I will take on and improve on for the rest of my life. The atmosphere at the house was really friendly and reminded me of an old hippy commune where everyone chipped in with housework. There was a real community spirit and felling of people supporting one another. The food was good too and all vegetarian which made a nice change. Breaks were the best part of the day as we got to roam around the grounds, soak up the sunshine and swim in the pool. The boys were in at every opportunity diving and bombing. Half the water ended up on the poolside but it was fabulous fun. on the way home i was serenaded 'Happy Birthday' by the coach which was embarassing but sweet. In the evening we went to the beach swimming and on to Wagamamas for a delicious meal and a slice of chocolate cake with a little candle on the top.

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