Friday, 2 October 2009

Florence and the Machine!

Cindy and I went to see Florence and the Machine two Fridays ago! It has to be one of the best nights and gigs of my life! We saw her in Boscombe at the Opera House/O2 Academy and as we pulled up on a side street we saw a girl in a purple floral jumpsuit, incredibly skinny ankles showing in the gap between the trousers and her flat shoes, with intense copper locks flowing down her back. We tottered down the street after her in our heels. I ran the fastest and caught up, pausing behind her not knowing what to say. 'Florence!' I called and her head flicked round confused. Her face was so pale and far prettier than I had thought, very small feminine features and her eyes blinked through her thick fringe. 'We're lost too!' as though she cared or knew who 'we' were! she said that the queue for us was over there, so we walked to join the long wait, realising we should have asked for a photo, telling how inspiring and exciting she was, how we admired her. as we turned back she was having an awkward snap with two other people and then headed off up the high street. We had missed our chance! The venue was really beautiful. I think it was a Victorian or Georgian building with high ceilings, a lovely stage and ornate carvings. The support band were supposed to be Frankie and the Heartstrings but were replaced by The XX. They were OK but weren't really a live sort of band and we were distracted by the people pushing in front and the horrible drunken men harassing Cindy. Then Florence arrived and opened the show with 'Kiss with a Fist'. She was sensational, belting it out, with her white limbs flailing underneath her long black chiffon dressing gown and sequin Topshop hot pants and stomping in painfully high platforms. She told us she'd spent all her money in the brilliant antique shops in Boscombe (probably just down the road from Clobber!) and called out to everyone she'd met that day. Some guys had bought her clothing from the British Heart Foundation which was really sweet. Sadly the gig ended, with You got the Love or Raise It Up as the finale, and we attempted to get into the Propaganda after show party, which was surprisingly easy even as a terrible liar. We accidentally sat in the VIP area where a lady gave me a guest wrist band so we could get free drinks but it got confiscated. I ended up spending all my money for the month on drinks as I'm saving for a digital SLR. Cindy and I boogied the night away to all my favourites, from Lovecats to Sticks 'n' Stones. We realised we had to keep dancing to prevent us falling over as we'd both tried out wearing heels to a gig. NEVER AGAIN. But the music stopped at 12.30. We stood around for a while and I got chatted up by some bloke who I thought was hot but I think I had the beer goggles on! We eventually left but not before we stole the posters and Cindy shouted that we'd get caught on CCTV! ha ha! It was a wonderful night all in all!

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