Saturday, 31 May 2008

Well I've been to Brick lane the second time this year in search of vintage accessories and a petticoat for my prom!

So I didn't find any accessories but I did find a petticoat!

my first trip to Brick Lane was with my friend Emily in March which was amazing!
We shopped so hard we forgot to eat!

we went to beyond retro which was amazing! its a giant warehouse packed with vintage clothes

i was street spotted for a london street style section in a magazine which i was so pleased with! but sadly i wasnt old enough and didnt think to lie when they asked if i was over 18! im not a quick thinker........

we went to ladyluckrulesok and i bought a unicorn necklace and also bought some HUGE 60s flower earrings from another shop which i havent dared to wear yet but will be great for dressing up parties! i didn't take any photos this time round but here are some of the first trip!

Emily by this giant skull thing

my favourite graffitti of the day

jef aerosol

Emily and Cuba Cola by Smiff




Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

ah! thats cool beans that you got street spotted by a magazine, I'm not surprised your style is amazing ^_^

ASailorStoleMyHeart said...

aww thankyou! the graffiti on your page is amazing! is it your stuff?
the graffitti in brick lane is great you should go sometime!

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