Friday, 13 June 2008

Market Finds

I often go to markets and buy all kinds of objects! (usually old)
i just find i get attached to them and then HAVE to have them!

recently i bought a bok on knitting, i think from the 40s or 50s.

i dont know how to knit yet but im hoping to learn!

i love the pattern on the inside cover

and the cheesy captions below the photos of well groomed women in cardis

i love the idea of the knitted ribbed stockings, which i have seen on the catwalk recently

bottega veneta A/W 2008 show

i also bought a huge box of vintage patterns for 50p about a year ago
i was so pleased
there were atleast 40 or more patterns
many from the 50s and 60s!
there were even 2 from the 40s

here is my favourite pattern

sadly it has two pieces missing for the top skirt. they look quite similar to the underskirt pieces, about twice as big.
but hopefully i am starting a dressmaking course, so will be able to figure it out.

i think it would look lovely in flocked fabric, like my strawberry dress

my friend i recently went shopping

she said we'd go at 8.00 am
i thought this was a bit early but assumed the shops were open
they werent so we ended up going to the Russel Cotes museum on Bournemouths seafront
and they had an odd exhibition about flocking

it had some lovely vintage clothes in it though and it was free entry

there are also some lovely paintings in there too
and a ceramics exhibition by Rosemarie James

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