Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Cassie's Skirt

I know Skins finished ages ago butI'm still getting withdrawal symptoms

and with the summer approaching and end of exams! (:D) I can now start plan
ning stuff to do in the summer!

sadly none of my friend were allowed or wanted to go on holiday or go to any festivals so i dont think ill be going away

but ive been desperate for this skirt cassie wore in the first series of skins the moment i saw it

its from a japanese label sold in camden but i doubt they have one anymore

so im going to make my own!


out of this cool tree fabric i found (not as wierd as it sounds)

and make a pencil skirt from it

but if anyone knows if the stall in camden is still selling them please tell me!

i just love cassies style and it was always exciting to see what she'd be wearing every episode!

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