Monday, 1 September 2008

Results Day! 21.8.08

I got an A* in fashion! I was so thrilled! All my hard work finally payed off! I also got: A* English Literature A* Ethics A* Sociology A Art A Science B Maths B ICT To celebrate we went to an exhibition at the Fashion Museum in Bath about Billy Travilla, the man who designed Marilyn Monroe's gowns It was really interesting to hear how he constructed the garments, many had iron rods to create shape or keep everything in place. The 'Diamonds' dress was actually lined with the felt used on snooker tables and was one piece of fabric folded around the body! There were lots of stories about each garment One dress was made for a premiere and had a large tyre mark and lipstick on the bottom(who knows how it got there!) but Travilla refused to clean it as it was part of the dress' history The illustrations were beautiful too
In the rest of the museum there were amazing clothes some dating back to the 1700s. There was a collection of punk photographs and quotes from the photographers about each picture. My favourite was for the cover of White Riot/1977. they pasted 1977 over Hate and War written on Joe's jacket. I also got laced into a corset which was a very odd sensation. it certainly improved my posture! But I was horrified to learn that in Victorian times, pregnant still wore corsets to hide their bump!

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