Wednesday, 5 November 2008

For Natalie

Stourhead with Natalie Sorry! My computer broke down so I've lost all of my files etc . which is a bummer so I haven't written and published posts in a while.In half term Natalie and I went to Stourhead where part of the film Pride and Prejudice was shot. You know the scene! In the rain!
‘In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.' It absolutely chucked it down and there was hale too! Somehow it didn't seem quite so romantic as the film! If only Mr Darcy arrived to profess his undying love! Well, we did find our Mr Darcy inside the house. There was a picture of a sailor stranded on rocks at sea, being watched by an eagle. It was painted by Henry Thomson (1773-1843). I fell in love with that sailor! We stood there for at least 30 minutes looking at it and asking questions about it. There was also a poem written underneath by the poet James Thomson. You're not allowed to take photographs but I desperately wish I had. I guess if I go again I could perhaps sneak a picture! It would be weird if someone painted your picture and people still see you 200 years later. And admire you! We also went to the children's area and the lady dressed us up as servants!
The drive was beautiful!
Sometimes I like the journey more than the destination! Cruising along the winding roads, my stomach whirling as we fly up and down the rolling hills, clouds shadows smeared across the countryside.
I like to feel the wind in my hair
However on this journey it was far too chilly! I wound down the window slightly to feel the icy air prick against my skin, absorbing the countryside, imagining the men and women who had passed over the fields like the cloud, admiring their beauty as I did too. They're gone now
There is something so beautiful about British country that calms me
I daydream out the window down to the trees in a valley, yearning for a life living amongst the flora and fauna, picking berries for breakfast, sleeping under the shelter of a ancient oak tree.
When I was little and we drove to Wales, I would desperately wish to run away from everything and everyone, and live out in a valley.
I'd wash in the streams, weave a home from branches and mud, built in a tree. I would befriend the animals of the forest and drink nettle soup each evening buy a large fire, singing loudly and dancing wildly, my long wavy hair dancing too.
i would never be found by my parents, although they may wonder where i had gone.
this was a time when I also thought, when asked by relatives, hippy was a valid occupation.
How ridiculously naive this now sounds, although I miss this innocence of childhood. That anything is possible,
I try to cling onto it hopelessly getting further and further from childhood.
Adulthood frightens me. The cynicism the fear of loneliness, loosing imagination, being unable to occupy and entertain myself with games,
Anyway, on the journey back we stopped in Shaftesbury, the place where the Hovis advert was filmed on the cobbles,
We went to a bead shop where Natalie bought some to make a necklace for her mum
We went down the cobbled road which was really steep! the houses were lovely and i couldn't help but take quick snap of the window of this house. It looked so cosy and I loved the colours and lighting behind the lace curtains

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