Wednesday, 5 November 2008

London with Clara

On Halloween Clara and I went to Brick Lane and Oxford Street. I love London. There's always something happening After about 10 minutes in Shoreditch a guy from Channel 4 asked us some questions about sportswear in research for a new show Sounds interesting! There was also a new shop since I last went called The East End Thrift Store which had loads of cheap vintage Clara bought a fab 80s wool jumper and a red lumberjack men's shirt from there and I bought a white casual dress and a 50s silk embroidered dress which I had to go back and buy after regretting leaving it! At Beyond Retro there were spooky kids films on the TV and people were dressed up which was fun! There was lots of graffiti as always and there was a really sweet poem written on someones door frame. At first I thought it was a romantic poem but i think it must have been a friendship. They were apologising. It seemed so poetic. Something that would happen in a silly rom-com or something. We eventually got on the tube to Tottenham Court Road and hit Oxford Streets Shops. Clara was searching for Urban Outfitters and Abercrombie and Fitch. She bought some lovely glasses in Urban Outfitters that she'd seen on the internet. We also ventured into the huge Topshop which was horrible as always. It's so crowded and we'd seen so many clothes we no longer knew what was nice! I think there was a good sale on though. Last on the list was Abercrombie. I knew it was at the end of Savile Row. But didn't know where Savile Row was! No one seemed to know where A&F was so we had to ask at least five people! After much wandering and backtracking we found it, the scent of aftershave polluting the street. Handsome men chatted at the door of the grand town house and as we went up the steps the smell got stronger and we could hear music thumping through the shop. Clara said it was like going to a house party but shopping. Clara looked some of the hoodies but decided they were too expensive which was a pity. The sizes available on the bottom were S and XS so you had ask for any other size! On the tube back I'm sure we were sat opposite Sid from Skins' dad which was funny! We went back to my Auntie's house for some pasta and apple pie. Mmmmmm Then we hit the road, listening to Lykke Li, stopping for hot chocolate at the service station. :)

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