Tuesday, 27 January 2009


I finished 'Elegance' by Katherine Tessaro about 2 Weeks ago And it was brilliant It wasn't exactly a challenging read and slightly predictable, but nonetheless brilliant! Finished Atonement about 2 months ago which is now definitely one of my favourite books and even better than the film. I never wanted to finish reading it. I bought 2 new books from the charity shop yesterday The complete works of Oscar Wilde and Tom Jones: A Foundling by Henry Fielding I was thrilled as I had looked at buying some of Oscar Wildes books and Tom Jones on Amazon It only cost me £1.25 for both! ''After I had written the above, we received a visit from Mr. Tom Lefroy and his cousin George. The latter is really very well-behaved now; and as for the other, he has but one fault, which time will, I trust, entirely remove — it is that his morning coat is a great deal too light. He is a very great admirer of Tom Jones, and therefore wears the same coloured clothes, I imagine, which he did when he was wounded.'' I would also like to watch 'Becoming Jane' Who cares about the reviews I'm not watching fopr an accurate account And there is James McAvoy...

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