Sunday, 25 January 2009

Teach Me to Learn to Lose Myself

Yesterday Natalie came over after work We sat around staring into space And talked and talked We drank Cherryade It was time to go to Tesco to look at all the wonderful food We linked arms and walked fast to keep warm Along the way we saw Chloe She came with us on the journey We browsed the magazines and stared at all the exciting food Since beginning work at Tesco I've become really excited about food due to all the strange and delicious looking food that comes through the checkout Chloe had to go for dinner whilst Natalie and I picked ours out Felafels, rocket, iceberg lettuce and dark chocolate I also discovered some bargain felt tips and sketchpad for £1! We strolled home in the bitter cold, talking Then it was to the kitchen to create the salad masterpiece and dance to Bob Feta, Quorn, Rocket, Olives, sun dried tomatoes, pine kernels, felafels, rocket, lettuce, cucumber and Natalie's wonderful dressing We had fruity porridge for pud We watched The Beach which I had never seen the whole way through It made me think... We're doing Hedonism in Philosophy at the moment so it was good This morning we had a huge breakfast and a walk And talked for even longer Very honestly It was good... Healthy

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