Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Let's Cause a Scene like Lovers do on Silver Screens

I have a few books found at markets and carboots of old movie stars from the 30s, 40s and 50s. My first was 'Inside Filmland' with the gorgeous Liz Taylor on the front, but my favourite picture is of stunning Ava Gardner. I then bought the 1932 Picture Show Annual, with many mentions of 'the new talkies' and smouldering femme fatales such as Greta and Marlene, adorned with risque tasseled dresses, ostrich feathers and sumptuous medieval style velvet gowns. And an odd and incredibly dull article about stars notepaper headings. The final two books are old account books with cuttings lovingly stuck onto the pages, rusty amber staples holding the precious pages together. The owner seemed to have an obsession with David Niven I then discovered the unstuck clipping tucked into the back pages, of a screen kiss, hidden like a private secret or wish. This book is my favourite. the time and effort. A personal project for their own satisfaction and enjoyment. That it has been held onto for all these years.


alex [: said...

those books are so brilliant [:

its so nice somebody kept a hold of those photos, hope somebody thinks the same about all my countless cut outs :L

i really like your blog :)

alex [: said...

yeah i love scrapbooks and making collages, i have huge stacks of last year magazines that im still not finished cutting up :L

i found a marilyn monroe book the other day that was about all the movies shed made, but it had her relationship with arthur miller and talked about her life through the years with the movies, it was really amazing :]

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