Thursday, 29 January 2009

Miss Van and Fafi

We went to Paris 2 summers ago and whilst on the way to the Pompidou centre we passed what looked like an empty signless shop. i peered in the window and saw what i thought was some miss van artwork. My heart skipped a beat I was promised we would return to the gallery and so on the way back i ventured inside. To my disappointment it was not Miss Van but 'Fafi' I had never heard of her before but was sure she was a Miss Van rip-off Then i saw her designs for Mac makeup packaging last year and was so surprised I still prefer Miss Van My old art teacher introduced me to her and I had also seen some of her work for Fornarina I love how she mixes a girly palette and makes a cute, feminine yet overtly sexual image Her style is so distinctive She is a genius

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Anthony said...

I think she's a complete rip-off of Miss Van, mediocre and bland in comparison. Her colors are always a little off too. Miss Van is a genius with her color choices. It even looks to me that she uses the same styling of the hair and body shapes (like, more than even if she were making an homage to Miss Van.) Van isin't the only artists shes gleaned ideas from either. To top it all of the girl has completely gone commercial with it and made buku-bucks from her artistic pilferings.

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