Tuesday, 26 May 2009

AS Art Final Piece: Lost In A Forest All Alone

Finally Completed 3 weeks ago after hours of hard work and sacrificing break and lunchtimes Based upon The Cure's song Lost in a Forest. But are they lost in a forest all alone?!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

School is like that and every single other educational instituion. Sometimes it feels like they want my soul :(
But my exams are more or less over now so I can breathe for a moment, so yippee!!!

Sofia Coppola is a legend. Everything she touches becomes artistic gold.

I really like the decor in Marie Antoinette, especially the wallpaper, its beautiful. In Jane Austenian times (that sounds so twee :S) they had the most lovely print dresses with that sort of pattern on it. It's divine.

You deserve the blogging award :)

Your artwork is amazing. I spent the last two years of school mostly in the art room and I think these last two years were probably the best years of school. I was there lunchtimes and weekends working on stuff.
It's a sort of excape into art.

Keep well chick :)


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