Monday, 15 June 2009


I had a lovely day today although it was the first day of school. Period 4 and 5 were frees so I sat outside and sunbathed. Cindy and I stayed behind at school after period 5 talking. It was lovely to talk properly, alone for a few hours even though we really should have gone home. When I arrived back home a letter from darling Clara had arrive! I was so thrilled! There is something so precious and personal about a letter, especially when most communicate long distance through email and Facebook. I wrote back immediately, although I wrote so much it took an hour and a half. I miss her and Daniela desperately and cannot wait to see them in Frankfurt this summer. Today I wore my favourite new 50s skirt that I bought for £8 at a carboot sale, although I had to restitch the side seam and take down the dodgy hem. I have decided it is lucky as when I wore it to Salisbury I bagged 4 60s Crimplene dresses at a charity shop and a 50s wastepaper bin, and today has been such a lovely day.

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Nusha91 said...

Those photos are amazing xoxox

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