Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Study Leave Part 1

I have has the past week free as exams are over. In the few days of sunshine i made the most of the beach with Emily and then Cindy and Gaby, which was lovely. It was so hot I went for a swim! I also went to the beach with Emily in my one free day of half term whilst I desperately attempted to learn a years worth of ethics and tackle the meaning of life in philosophy over one week. However I think the test went OK. We visited Lush and bought Smitten, Blackberry bath bomb (for an after exam soak), Cosmetic Catastrophe and bagged some free Honey I Washed the Kids for reusing my bag! We also checked heard about the 'Trains Not Planes' campaign to encourage people to take trains when travelling to reduce carbon emmisions. We also perved on the cuties who work there and were hoping to join the Climate Rush cycle in London, but it was the night before the ethics exam. Bummer. I had a panic attack on the day of exam. I was revising out in the backgarden and came indoors to check the times. I saw the clock was 10 minutes to the hour and flipped out. I only had 10 mintes to get to school for the exam, which is a 3o0 minute walk away. I was screaming and swearing at myself like a deranged mad woman. I went to call Mum but Dad had taken the car. Then I actually provcessed that the clock was at 10 to 12 not 1! So i scoffed down a sandwhich and marched of to school stopping frequently due to indigestion.

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