Wednesday, 4 March 2009

My New Lula!

After standing in the freezing cold on the beach for Cindy's photography project, we retire to the warm shelter of Borders and Starbucks. After standing with our hands under the driers for 10 minutes we went up to get a drink. And along the way I spotted the Brand New Lula! My heart skipped a beat! I'm saving it for after I've done my homework. It's sat in front of me right now. And I'm trying not to give into temptation. I glanced through quickly whilst sipping my hot chocolate and spotted a Hannah Murray photo shoot She's adorable Like a doll


Alice Saga said...

The issue is wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

There is a good full page pic of Hannah Murray and interesting Q&A in PURPLE FASHION MAGAZINE, issue 11, Spring/Summer 2009, pages 230-231.

ASailorStoleMyHeart said...

Thank you 'Anonymous'
I looked on the website but couldn't find it
May have to find it in Borders
Never heard of Purple magazine before
Thank you xx

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