Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Yesterday I watched episodes 5 and 6 of Skins, which I'd missed whilst in Edinburgh I love to read Edward Gibbon's blog, who is the costume designer on Skins. Its a great insight into how he chooses the outfits and how they link to the characters lives, and also ideas on how to play with your own style. I love Freddie's 'Dreamer' T-shirt. My heart melted when he swam to Effy. 'The wishy washy slightly tie dyed t- shirt from American Apparel suits this romantic dreamer down to the ground, with its calming clouds wafting across his chest.' But the clothes in Naomi's episode were my favourites. It seems she can pull any outfit off, as well as making a statement along the way. I squealed to see her Vivienne Westwood 'Leonard Peltier is Innocent' T-shirt, and then turned green with envy And those leggings! Where can I get a pair? I thought American Apparel with their Afrika print It was also a delight to see Bob Fossil as a Sexx Bomb judge. Classic. If I had read closer before I would know the leggings are by Marjan Pejoski. 'My favourite item she wears in episode six is her wildly patterned Marjan Pejoski leggings. The print is amazing and kind of looks like something an Aztec warrior would wear. Her ‘oh so slightly worthy’ dungarees are given a twist by finishing just below her bum and the leggings are the perfect foil to any lecherous teachers with wandering eyes. ' And Cook's outfit screamed The Clash 'Cook’s election outfit is a perfect blend of revolutionary South American and Joe Strummer of the Clash/Westwood Seditionaries'

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Beth Michelle said...

I love the way they dressed Naomi. (I was just googling those leggings- got distracted by your blog)

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